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Martin Strobl via eMail

COOLbits Newsticker
We wish a happy new year to all of our customers!

Our shop will be closed until 07.01.2001.

Martin Strobl writes:
I have build the Elbox-Mediator PCI Board into my showroom tower and I am very pleased with the VooDoo 3000/16MB graphicsboard I also build in, since this duo is faster than my private CybervisionPPC. (showroom tower: Blizzard 1260, Private: CyberstormPPC 233/060/50).

A question concerning this subject: Is there interest to buy the Mediator-PCI Board/ PCI graphics board directly with a licensed version of the Picasso96 drivers? If you are interested please send an email to If there is enough interest I will contact the makers of the drivers to ask for the price of such a deal.

By the way, here is a tip for all those who own EXODUS in combination with a CybervsionPPC (maybe also other graphics boards:
The game ran extremely slow on my computer until I removed the program "PREPAREMUL" of Shapeshifter from my startup-sequence. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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