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Hans-Joerg Frieden in the Forum

Warp3D and PCI Graphics Boards
Recently Hans-Jörg Frieden has expressed himself in our forum regarding the topic driver software for PCI graphics boards under Warp3D:

«Unfortunately the number of e-mails regarding Warp3D and PCI cards accumulates for Thomas and me. Almost every time it is "I have purchased a card of the brand XXX, when will you have 3D drivers ready?"...

Regarding this I want to say the following: Warp3D is and will continue to be a hobby project that is cooking on smaller flame as for now, because of the time consumption of Hyperion. If possible we'll write drivers. Nevertheless I will explicitly point out, that the buying of a graphics card is no cogent reason for us to produce a driver for it - as that takes quite some time. There will probably be no driver for Voodoo 5 (V4 is questionable but more likely), none for GeForce, Riva TNT, ATI Rage or whatever else, especially when there exists no chip documentation. Neither we will attempt to recycle a Linux driver.

In the case that somebody could get some chip documentation (legal!) and make it available for us the chances for a driver increase but this is no guarantee either.»

Via email Hans-Joerg adds that this is no kind of arbitrariness but only a hint that people shouldn't waste their money for graphics cards that can't be supported simply because of the lack of time or documentation...

We are getting mails all the time from people asking for GeForce support or Voodoo 5 but for those documentation isn't accessible. We have tried it even at NVidia, without success, even not against NDA... :-( (unk) (Translation: unk)

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