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Fun Time World

Scalos: Iconsystem, Updates of WB3.9 Plugin and VolumeGauge Plugin
The new iconsystem for Scalos supports the normal and the AmigaOS 3.5 icons as well as the NewIcons.

Regarding the WB3.9 plugin and VolumeGauge plugin of Scalos updates have been released which fix bugs. The WB3.9 plugin allows under AmigaOS 3.5+ the use of newer features like 'AmiDock'. The VolumeGauge plugin equips all root volume windows with a fill gauge in the left window border in the AmigaOS v3.5 style. This plugin runs on AmigaOS V3.0+. The following bugs were fixed:
  • VolumeGauge: on iconifying of windows problems appeared.
  • WB3.9: There are additional system checks so that the plugin runs now more stable. Besides that the AmigaOS V3.5+ preferences are now loaded from workbench.prefs.

(unk) (Translation: unk)

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