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Ignatios Souvatzis via eMail

New NetBSD Amiga Drivers
Drivers for Individual Computer's "ISDN Surfer" and Zeus Development's "ISDN Link".

The NetBSD Amiga driver for the Siemens ISDN chip-set got support for two more cards for the Zorro-bus added.
  • Individual Computer "ISDN Surfer", id 4626/5
  • Zeus Development "ISDN Link", id 2189/3

Up to now already supported:
  • BSC ISDN Master 2092/64
  • ITH ISDN Master II 5000/1
  • VMC ISDN Blaster 5001/1

The interrupt level for the ISDN Surfer is software managed, other cards must be switched to IPL 2 by jumper setting.

Closer information about the isdn4bsd configuration are to find inside of the included electronic manual pages (man isdnd) and here.

Those drivers as well as the entire ISDN sub-system are content of NetBSD-current, the development part of NetBSD, and will occur in the NetBSD-1.6 release. External testers are asked to run a release of the 1.5 part until 1.6 has been published; for 1.5 the last released isdn4bsd-0.96_BETA is available as additional package (but without drivers for ISDN Surfer or ISDN Link).

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