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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase   51K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.3
u9fs.lha             comm/net    27K+Free Unix implementation of Plan 9 files
Cookie_Killer.lha    comm/www    25K+AWeb cookie management (v1.2)
Table_gc.lha         comm/www     5K+Correctss HTML files that don't print we
Xre_bong.lha         demo/aga   477K+Weird AGA Demo
stormamiga_lib.lha   dev/c      229K+Small and fast linker lib for StormC (de
liprgmsrc.lha        dev/moni    43K+Place a GUI in front of OpenLibrary() ca
IBrowse2.2PL.lha     docs/help   37K+Polish Locale for IBrowse2.2
MUIExchangePL.lha    docs/help    3K+Polish Locale for MUIExchange
stccg.lha            docs/hyper 1.8M+AmigaGuide to Star Trek CCG from Deciphe
YambMUI.lha          game/2play  47K+Best YAMB game ever for any platform
FreeCivExpand.lha    game/data  219K+GFX Expansion for the Nativ Amiga-Port o
Mattonite_Src.lha    game/demo   32K+Source codes of Mattonite and MattoniteE
NapalmPL.lha         game/patch   4K+Polish Locale for Napalm
Sebels_Picross.lha   game/think 1.5M+Sebel's Picross (german) - Strategy game
SvIV-1.lha           gfx/misc   354K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 1/8
SvIV-2.lha           gfx/misc   220K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 2/8
SvIV-3a.lha          gfx/misc   142K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 3a/8
SvIV-3b.lha          gfx/misc   222K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 3b/8
SvIV-4.lha           gfx/misc    43K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 4/8
SvIV-5.lha           gfx/misc    60K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 5/8
SvIV-6.lha           gfx/misc   120K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 6/8 (op
SvIV-7.lha           gfx/misc   127K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 7/8 (op
SvIV-8.lha           gfx/misc   222K+SViewIV V9.17 (13.2.2001) - Part 8/8 (op
SvIV-PPC.lha         gfx/misc   649K+Update for SViewIV/PPC V25.1 (PPC)
SvIV-WOS.lha         gfx/misc     1K+Note on SViewIV/PPC modules (WOS)
RiVA.lha             gfx/show    33K+Very Fast MPEG Player for AGA/P96/CGFX
TestGear-Notes.lha   hard/hack    7K+Test equipment projects, general notes.
uklotto.lha          misc/misc  110K+UK National Lottery Database. 
DieSuppe.lha         mods/blkha 224K+PT mod by blakkhar
Filterit.lha         mods/blkha 165K+PT filter mod by blakkhar
newedition.lha       mods/blkha 324K+DBM mod with DSP by blakkhar
Rawline.lha          mods/blkha 157K+PT HC mod by blakkhar
TheWaiter.lha        mods/blkha  18K+8 channel DBM (DSP used) by blakkhar
Zuckerfrei.lha       mods/blkha 167K+DBM mod with DSP by blakkhar
move.lha             mods/med   152K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
mp32html.lha         mus/misc    47K+V2.9 - Converts MP3 directory to HTML.
PlayGUIUpd.lha       mus/play    22K+PlayGUI Update 3.b -> 3.c
ForeverFriends.jpg   pix/views  102K+A Poem with pic background.   
WordWorth_GR.lha     text/edit    8K+Greek locale catalog for Wordworth 5.0
akJFIF-dt.lha        util/dtype 215K+AkJFIF-dt V44.95 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC/M
akJFIF-WOS.lha       util/dtype   0K+AkJFIF-dt WOS note (JPEG)
akPNG-dt.lha         util/dtype 227K+AkPNG-dt V44.95 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC/MOS
akPNG-PPC.lha        util/dtype  79K+AkPNG-dt PPC plugin V44.95
akPNG-WOS.lha        util/dtype   0K+AkPNG-dt WOS note
akTIFF-dt.lha        util/dtype 226K+AkTIFF-dt V44.95 (TIFF, 68000-060, PPC/M
akTIFF-WOS.lha       util/dtype   0K+AkTIFF-dt WOS note
WarpBMPdt.lha        util/dtype  42K+Windows BMP datatype V44.3 (68k,WarpOS,M
WarpJPEGdt.lha       util/dtype 104K+JFIF-JPEG datatype V44.17 (68k,WarpOS,Mo
WarpPNGdt.lha        util/dtype 133K+PNG image datatype V44.12 (68k,WarpOS,Mo
Type1Engine.lha      util/libs  491K+PostScript Type1 font engine V3.0
ObjectView_GR.lha    util/misc    2K+Greek locale catalog for ObjectView
InstallerNG.lha      util/sys   534K+C= Installer 100% compatible replacement
mainprefs.lha        util/wb     83K+AmigaOS Preferences GUI
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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