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Carsten Scholling on ANF

NListtree Final! Version 18.7 final
After many beta versions now the new version of NListtree is available under the title link. NListtree is a MUI class basing on NList capable of predictable displaying data in a tree pattern in different ways.

Among other software NListtree is utilized by AmiTradeCenter, NewsCoaster, Charon, RxMUI, Workbench 2000, SimpleMail, etc. This list is continuously growing.

For faultless function the latest version of NList v0.90 (19.98) is needed, which is available under the title link form today, too. NListtree works only constricted or not at all with elder versions of NList.

And now an appeal: I would be happy about information which other programs are using NListtree.
Have fun with it,
Carsten Scholling (unk) (Translation: unk)

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