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Rudolph Riedel via E-Mail

Diskmaster v2.5b10
On 24. February 2001 Rudolph Riedel has released the version 2.5b10 of the directory utility 'DiskMaster' as well as the v1.95 and V1.95. Against the previous version the following has changed among other things:
  • Many corrections since the last beta.
  • Can be compiled with SAS/C unter STRICT & ANSI without warnings.
  • Even the last remaining assembler parts were removed.
  • New requester.
  • String buffer functions.
  • At last now uses memory pools.
  • Support of long file names.

Precise information about the changes are contained in the file 'DM2beta.readme' of the beta archive.

(unk) (Translation: unk)

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