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Ignatios Souvatzis via E-Mail

NetBSD/Amiga IOblix - Driver Change
The NetBSD/Amiga - IOBlix-Zbus driver was changed in a way that the quartz frequency is changeable via the kernel variable _iobzclock (with binpatch and reboot) or via the kernel option IOBZCLOCK.

Newer IOBlix cards use a 22.1184MHz quartz that allows more standard baud rates, older ones on the other hand use a 24MHz quartz. Owners of a 24MHz quartz need to set _iobzclock or IOBZCLOCK to 24000000.

Besides this, iobl* at zbus? is now included in the GENERIC configuration.

NetBSD-current testers are asked for review reports, also about the parallel interface. Details about the availability of source code etc. can be found at:

NetBSD in general
NetBSD on Amiga hardware

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