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Gary Peake via E-Mail

AMIGA Inc.: New PDA Projects
As already reported on, Amiga Inc. is organizing a project for programming software for PDAs. People who want to take part in this project as programmers may announce himself/herself via this page.

Amiga already has contact with companies who like to use the AmigaDE software on their appliances. In this context Gary Peake, director for development and support at Amiga Inc., wrote the following on AMIOPEN mailing list:

We have spent considerable time talking with a company who likes what they see of the Amiga content thus far. They will not be announced until St Louis, but we all know that development needs lead time.

This company has some PDA models coming out real soon now and we have sold them on letting Amiga developers produce their content.

This content will be sold via a web portal and all certification and runnability testing will happen here at Amiga Inc for logistic reasons.

Specs are as follows for two separate units:

Screen Size: 240x320, 65k color3.5" reflective-TFT

Screen Size: 176x220, 65kcolor, 3" reflective-TFT

Both units will be able to handle up to 500k games and applications. Due to CPU speed limitations, code must be tight and efficient as always. This customer prefers VP coding, but won't pass on C, C++, or Java apps.

Examples of content needed:

Hoyle type card games
PokeYman derivatives
No X rated content!

I am sure they would welcome any freeware content, but they are mainly looking for commercial quality content. Details on how the system will work will be released shortly to those who respond to this email.
If you are seriously interested in producing PDA content please send me an email to
You MUST be under NDA AND be a registered Amiga developer before I can release any further information to you so make sure you have a valid NDA on file.

If you have not yet registered and you have a copy of our SDK, please go to and register as a developer.

If you do not have a valid NDA with us, simply look at under the "legal" menu, grab a copy of the NDA and get it mailed back or faxed back ASAP. Address and fax number is on the NDA.

Only serious need respond as we will be on a tight schedule to meet the first delivery date.

This may be cross posted to Amiga news web sites and other lists.

Gary Peake
Director - Developer Relations and Support
Amiga Inc. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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