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Software News
aMPEG V4.61
A new version 4.61 of the akMPEG-player fom Andreas Kleinert is available for download. akMPEG4.lha

Audiomaster2k 0.64
Frank Fenn has finished version 0.64 of his MUI-Sample-Editors, which supports AHI-devices. Download: audiomaster2k.lha

PerfectPaint V2.51
Halvadjian Georges has prepared version 2.51 of PerfectPaint, the paint-, animations-, and image processing program, for download. Download: PfPaint_V251.lha

ProStationAudio V4.05
You will find version 4.05 of ProStationAudio at AudioLabs, now with native Repulse driver, better PowerPC support, New Tek Flyer support and a new keyboard shortcut, to move the mouse pointer between two monitors, if necessary. A new demo version 4.05 is available. Download page.

MorphOS News
Again for MorphOS some new programs were released. Besides of an algebra program and volume control tool 'LhA', the known UNIX packer with lh7 mode, was converted to MorphOS. Download page. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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