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Thomas Dellert via E-Mail

DCE Microserver G3/G4 - Press Release
Product-info "DCE Microserver G3/G4"

Starting from Q3/2001, DCE Computer Oberhausen will offer a G3/G4 PowerPC® based PCI card. The so-called "DCE Microserver G3/G4" will give you the complete functionality of a Server System. The PCI card can be either used as Master or Agent. By this flexibility there are several possible configurations for this machine to fit the user's personal convenience. Possible options are:
  • usage in a DCE PCI expansion as Amiga PowerPC® card
  • using a passive backplane to build a complete standalone system
  • creation of a PowerPC® cluster system in conjunction with the Pegasos mainboard (
  • industrial use as single pcb high end solution

Due to the highly optimized design of "DCE Microserver G3/G4", the price of this solution without CPU will be in the range of backplane-only expansions.

Technical information:
  • G3/G4 CPU 450-733 MHz 1-4 MB Cache
  • up to 1 GB 133 MHz SDRAM
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet
  • optional Firewire
  • PCI 2.1 Master/Agent

DCE MicroServer G3/G4, GREX 1200/4000 as well as the existing PPC board user base will be supported by MorphOS. This will guarantee that Amiga users can use most of their software with that system. In the near future there will be a JIT (Just in time) emulation included in MorphOS that will allow execution times of 68K software far beyond current 68060 50MHz level even on the existing Phase5/DCE hardware.

Furthermore, MorphOS opens the door to real PPC OS software, like
  • CyberGfx
  • SFS
  • Datatypes
  • MUI
  • AmiTCP V5
  • Voyager
  • YAM
  • CED
  • Bochs (Windows-Emulator)
  • Office-Paket Papyrus of Rom-Logicware, which was ported by Titan.
  • Many more important programs are being ported right now.

Thomas Dellert
R&D Department

DCE Computer Service GmbH
Kellenbergstr. 19a
D-46145 Oberhausen
Fax: +49-208-630496
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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