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Software News
Turboprint for Linux V1.0
You can order version 1.0 of the printer driver software Turboprint for Linux at IrseeSoft. It contains printer driver (beta) for Canon S400, 450, 4500, 800; Epson Stylus Color 680, 880, 980 und Photo 790, 890, 1290.

Scalos News
There is an updated version of the 'Persistent Windows Plugin'. of Scalos which is a full replacement of the workbench. Download: Scalos-Plugin_PWindows.lha - 19 kB

According to Paul Lesurf from Blittersoft on Fusion mailing list iFusion is being just duplicated. Distribution will start during this week. iFusion is a PPC-Mac-emulator for PPC-Amiga of Microcode Solutions.

Stephan Rupprecht has published version 45.3b of his ilbm-datatype for PPC(WarpUP). Download: ilbmdtPPC.lha - 11 kB

AmigaAMP-mailinglist has moved to All members has been entried to the new list automatically. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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