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Michael Burkhardt (IOM) on ANF

Red Zac General Meeting with Amiga 1200
On Monday the Red Zac (also known as Interfunk) general meeting took place in Nuernberg, Germany. On two screens 16 ft. of width Powerpoint presentations and live video from 6 cameras were shown. On customer's demand the computer's name should be faded in the video pictures. This cries for Amiga technology, downright.

IOM took the task of preparation and presentation of these so called 'tummy bandages' using a simple Amiga 1200, acceleration card 1230/40, Scala MM 300, 16 MB RAM, and Sirius II Genlock by electronic design. From my point of view this event was a full success. The Amiga worked trouble-less and it was just fun to admire the Workbench on such a big screen.

And as usual, if an Amiga gets set up anywhere, the same things happen: somebody catches sight of her, recognizes her, and calls out, "hey, an Amiga". After that a small group of people come together, who

a) have owned an Amiga themselves
b) are deeply impressed of this little thing, and
c) are interested in the current situation regarding Amiga.

But if you set up an PC anywhere this isn't anything special, even not if Windows crashes or the computer doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Conclusion: I love "the spirit of Amiga". (unk) (Translation: unk)

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