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Software News
Audiomaster 2000 v 0.66
At Frank Fenn, you can find a new version of his MUI sample editor 'Audiomaster 2k', which supports all AHI devices. Saving is not possible in the demo version. Download: audiomaster2k.lha - 276 kB

AWeb popup problem
If you have after installation of OS3.9 boing bag 1 a problem with AWeb that cycle gadgets with less than three options show only the first option correctly, you can find at Tom Parker a small patch which solves the problem by patching the 'listbrowser.gadget'. Download: ListbrowserPatch.lha

Aminet CD 42
Aminet CD 42 is now available at Schatztruhe. The April CD contains more than 800 MB (unarchived) software in almost a thousand archives. As a special highlight, the full version of the SuperView Productivity Suite is included, with a cheap upgrade option to SuperView Productivity Suite II.
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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