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Software News
V 3.3.95beta
The browser Voyager is now available in 2 versions, one for AmigaOS and one for MorphOS. Which changes have been made can be read in the Readme.
AmigaOS: v3_3395beta_amigaos.lzx
MorphOS: v3_3395beta_morphos.lzx

Choowin V1.0
Martin Elsner has released version 1.0 of his Workbench-Tool 'Choowin'. Choowin is a small tool to start programs and bring windows to the front and activate them, similar to a task-manager. Version 1.0 now has a startmenu, a new tooltype-filter and a new look
Download: choowin.lha - 20 kB

SoftCinema V0.12 beta
Total Vision has released beta-version 0.12 of SoftCinema, the movie and animation player for the Amiga. The program ist shareware, an unregistered version plays only 30 seconds. You can register the program online at RegNet or, if you don't have a credit card, order at Fun Time World.
Download: SoftCinema_012.lha

CondenseIcon V44.5
Stephan Rupprecht released version44.5 of CondenseIcon, which lets you shrink .info-files.
Download: CondenseIcon.lha - 6 kB

Mapeditor V1.01
At Peter Weigoldt you can find version 1.01 of his map editor for the game 'Schlachtfeld'.
Download: Karteneditor.lha - 72 kB

Turboprint V7.17beta
At IrseeSoft version 7.17Beta of the printer driver system 'Turboprint' is available for download.
Download: tp717beta.lha

VEPatchBrain V1.29
AT Virus Help Denmark you can find the new PatchBrain version 1.29 for the virus checker 'VirusExecutor'. Here the details:
Name: VEPatchBrain v1.29
Archivename: VEPatchBrain.lha
Archivesize: 19.658 Bytes
Releasedate: 8. April 2001
Coder: Jan Erik Olausen
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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