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Michael Garlich via E-Mail

Titan Computer Support MorphOS
Press release from Titan Computer, Software Development, 08.04.2001

Titan Computer is happy to announce that we have decided to now also support MorphOS in the future.

One of our first projects will be the video-editing software Motionstudio, which will be developed by the company with the same name, who have already developed software like Elastic Dreams and Artstudio Pro.

Motionstudio will be released in 4/Q exclusively for MorphOS. The software supports non-linear video-editing, PlugIn interface, more than 40 video- and audio effects, innovative GUI as well as Firewire support (e.g. B-Plan Pegasos Computer).

Take a look at one of the first screenshots (201 kB) of the GUI.

Titan Computer
Mahndorfer Heerstr. 80 A
D-28307 Bremen
Tel.: +49/(0)421/48 16 20
Fax : +49/(0)421/43 88 29

WWW: (unk) (Translation: unk)

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