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Benjamin Yoris via E-Mail

Hyperion Entertainment welcomes Amiga`s OS4 Strategy
In the aftermath of the recent announcement by Amiga Inc. that the Classic Amiga OS would be ported to PPC, many users have asked us to comment on the technical merit of Amiga's OS 4 strategy and what it would mean for games and 3D graphics.

Prior to Amiga's announcement, senior software engineers of Hyperion Entertainment identified the key bottlenecks in the Amiga OS which hampered the performance of our games: the slow 68K based filesystem, the 68K based RTG system, the lack of virtual memory and the dual CPU architecture of the current PPC boards which generates performance-crippling context switches.

Amiga OS 4 will address all these issues and do much more.

We can confidently predict that with Amiga OS 4, users can look forward to performance levels never before seen on the Amiga.

Hyperion Entertainment has therefore signed on to develop the 3D API for Amiga OS 4 and provide a fully featured OpenGL(tm) implementation through Mesa 3.4.

All our current and future game-titles will take full advantage of everything that OS 4 has to offer.

Unlike some who unashamedly claim that games don't play an important role anymore in the current Amiga market , we are committed to once more make the name Amiga synonymous with top-quality entertainment software.

Senior staff-members of Hyperion Entertainment will continue to work with Amiga Inc. to ensure that Amiga OS 4 will provide everything game-developers need to accomplish the goal of putting Amiga back at the forefront of gaming and 3D graphics.

Ben Yoris

Hyperion Entertainment Software
PR Manager
Web: (unk) (Translation: unk)

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