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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase   96K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.6-full
EZPagerNG_CE.lha     comm/misc  412K+Send messages to german pagers (Scall,Sk
AKTaskiSMS.lha       comm/tcp    19K+V1.5, YAM2-like Toolbars for TaskiSMS 2.
BabelDoc.lha         comm/tcp    33K+Translate docs or strings from one langu
MWI-SDV31.lha        demo/mag   1.1M+SAVE DA VINYL #31 - packmag by Madwizard
BlitzLstMar01.lha    dev/basic   35K+Blitz mailing list archives for March 20
JMildred_ScrMd.lha   dev/basic  140K+How to use Mildred+BBasic with GFXCards
d65.lha              dev/cross   51K+A symbolic 65xx disassembler
Comal.v3.4.lha       dev/lang   521K+Comal v3.40
m2latex.lha          dev/m2      65K+LaTeX files from Modula-2 and Pascal sou
VCDGear.lha          disk/cdrom 132K+Create VideoCD images for burning or ext
BlackIRC1.1PL.lha    docs/help   11K+Polish Locale for BlackIRC1.1
Lupe1.9PL.lha        docs/help    9K+Polish Locale for Lupe1.9
saku36.lha           docs/mags  1.7M+Saku #36 (2/2001). Finnish e-zine.
Spy3dgame.lha        game/2play 133K+3D game beta for WB (Balrog Soft)
GS650-68k.lha        gfx/conv   816K+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50r2 68k binary
GS650-Data.lha       gfx/conv   1.9M+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50 data archive
GS650-Fonts.lha      gfx/conv   2.6M+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50 fonts archive
GS650-PPC.lha        gfx/conv   905K+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50r2 WarpOS binary
BetaScanMustek.lha   hard/drivr  90K+Mustek/Trust Scanner Driver For BetaScan
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  723K+V1.60 PSX MemoryCard Reader
Dictionar.lha        misc/edu   207K+Vocabulary trainer for Your data
DIGIOchmann09.lha    misc/edu   127K+Versatile and user friendly vocabulary d
HexCon.lha           misc/math   16K+Simple Hex <-> Dec <-> Bin converter
sprawl.mpg           mods/elbie 5.3M+Sprawl Pneumatique [electro] by ElbiE^t1
TheX0XPackage1.lha   mus/edit    44K+A set of editors for the TR-X0X & TB303
mattaki.lha          pix/misc   214K+[ancor] just a practise
BlazeWCP.lha         util/boot   31K+Very fast Replacement for the OS chunky 
fblit.lha            util/boot  171K+V3.73a Use CPU in place of the blitter.
killAGA2.5.lha       util/misc    4K Run old demos on A1200/4000 hard drives.
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 253K+VirusExecutor v2.10
freakbar.lha         util/wb      2K+Toolbar. V1.2.
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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