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Diverse Sources

Software News
Scalos News
For the Workbench substitute Scalos is a DefIcon-plugin as replacement for the FileType-plugIn for download available. The "Persistant_Window"-plugin was updated.
Scalos-Plugin_DefIcons.lha - 12 kB
Scalos-Plugin_Persist.lha - 19 kB

MAS mpeg.device Version 1.2
Chris Hodges has released the version 1.2 of his MAS MPegDevice. It is a standard device for the MAS-Player of Dirk Conrad
Download: MASMPegDevice.lha - 129 kB
At you can find a new archive with 100 game icons in NewIcons style on the All icons are made in the standard size 120*96 pixel and contain a second icon that appears if you click on it. Download page.

New style for Dynamite
You can play "Dynamite" in different styles. At Amisource the new style bdynamite for the Online-Bombermann/Dynablaster clone is available.
Download: BDynamite.lha - 522 kB (unk) (Translation: unk)

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