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Aminet: Flash-Update for PPC-Cards a Fake
The flush-update of PPC-cards (flashupdates.lha, size 940kbyte) which was uploaded on April 17th, 2001 is a fake which was not written by Ralph 'Laire' Schmidt being the author of PPC-software as he confirmed.

Ralf: "No..i haven't uploaded it. I notified the aminet admins to remove it."

Matthias Scheler, who is the co-admin of the Aminet, confirmed to that the supposed ppc-update has been removed.

Each user who downloaded and installed the flash update is advised to remove it and to control the integrity of the software by using a current anti-virus-software because it is possible that it is a virus or a Trojan.

Ralph Schmidt furthermore confirmed that he would never upload PPC-updates to the Aminet. The only sources for his Flash-Updates are:
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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