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Martin Merz on ANF

Reworked Image Sets in GlowIcon Design
Some reworked archives can be obtained from the MasonIcons homepage and from Aminet:
  • AWebMI - new default images, toolbars and animations in the GlowIcons design
  • CharonMI - a reworked toolbar image collection for Charon
  • EZPagerMI - a GlowIcons toolbar for EZPager
  • IBrowseMI - a new designed navigation button bar for IBrowse
  • TaskiSMSMI - a reworked toolbar for TaskiSMS based on AppMI
  • VoyagerMI - an image set for Voyager in the GlowIcons design

Please visit the "Projects" page of MasonIcons for further information. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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