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Martin R. Elsner via E-Mail

File Manager: ClassAction v4.1
Martin R. Elsner has released version 4.1 of the file manager 'ClassAction. LHA and ZIP archives are supported, now, and the file lister was enhanced.

Changes in this version:
  • New: LHA and ZIP archive support.
  • Change: Improved lister with date, protection bits, and sort option.
  • Change: Newly designed pop-up window.
  • Change: copying .info works proper, the same for "move as".
  • Bugfix: WBInfo now also shows devices correctly.

ClassAction recognizes more than 40 file formats (gif, jpeg, iff, mods,...), so actions such like show, start, edit, and convert can be executed automatically. New file types can be defined and actions can be added.

The current version runs on AmigaOS V3.5+

Download: classaction.lha (231K) (unk) (Translation: unk)

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