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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
EZPagerMI.lha        comm/misc   10K+GlowIcons Toolbar for EZPagerNG
LCR-I.lha            comm/misc   93K+LeastCostRouter for german Internet Prov
LCR.lha              comm/misc  112K+LeastCostRouter for german Telephone Pro
ZyxelControl.lha     comm/misc  121K+Bandwith Control Program
CharonMI.lha         comm/net    15K+GlowIcons Toolbars for Charon
nc_update_beta.lha   comm/news  192K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
TaskiSMS.lha         comm/tcp   372K+Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
AWebMI.lha           comm/www    63K+A GlowIcons Collection for AWeb
IBrowseMI.lha        comm/www     4K+GlowIcons Toolbar for IBrowse
KidHTML1_26.lha      comm/www   374K+Easy Homepagemaker Fullversion/German an
RoundTheme.lha       comm/www   181K+A stylish theme for Voyager 3.2.x
TaskiSMSMI.lha       comm/www    12K+GlowIcons Toolbar for TaskiSMS
VoyagerMI.lha        comm/www     9K+GlowIcons Toolbar for Voyager
weblint.lha          comm/www    47K+Syntax and minimal style checker for HTM
NCE-SHD2.lha         demo/aga   1.5M+Nuance "Subtle Shades 2" - 5th place at 
wpz-frozen42.lha     demo/aga   641K+Frozen#42 - Mekka&Symposium Party Editio
wpz-frozen43.lha     demo/aga   497K+Frozen#43 - The Gathering Party Edition
Nature-Zeon.lha      demo/intro 128K+Zeon, #2 64k intro at MS 2001
scl_boom.lha         demo/intro   5K+Secretly! - 4k-intro, 1st at ms2001
c++2latex.lha        dev/c       95K+LaTeX files from C++ and C sources
Z80Simulator.lha     dev/cross  131K+Watch your Z80 assembly code from a GUI.
SystemViewer.lha     dev/moni   328K+View & change OS components (source incl
GHAS.lha             docs/lists 198K+Maintenance Update: database of nearly 1
Awaking.lha          game/2play 348K+German Quiz Game AGA/ECS
PaybackUpdate3.lha   game/actio 1.1M+Updates Payback to the latest version
MaP_Music5.lha       game/data  1.6M+New cardset for MarryAmPic
Dbdemo.lha           game/demo  1.1M+Demo of a WIP game named The Deathbird-H
WormWars.lha         game/misc  786K+WormWars 6.6: Advanced snake game
kangband.lha         game/role  853K+Kangband 2.9.2r2 - Roguelike solo RPG
pmangband.lha        game/role  405K+Pern mangband 3.1.3
Emerald.lha          game/wb    1.1M+Graphical effects and games
MiraPLOT13.lha       gfx/3d     232K+Fast 3D Surfaces Editor for Imagine -MUI
FormAldiHyd.lha      hard/drivr 121K+Tablet driver for Aldi/Tevion/Aiptek/Wac
isopldkeymap.lha     hard/drivr   1K+ISO-PL keymap for german keyboards
opencnet.lha         hard/drivr   3K+Open cnet.device to fix a problem (sourc
Nostalgia.lha        misc/emu   241K+THE Multi-Emulation system (2.0)
AmiPCB_1.02.lha      misc/sci   192K+PCB vectorial electronics program
NP_OutN.lha          mods/misc  373K+Noyz Phaktah '004 - Out Numbered by Pion
SkiOrDie.lha         mods/misc  109K+Custom module from "Ski Or Die"
scl_spectLight.lha   mods/tranc 327K+Secretly! - Spectral Light, 9th at ms200
EP_HowieDavies.lha   mus/play     6K+EaglePlayer "Howie Davies" external repl
EP_TomyTracker.lha   mus/play     5K+EaglePlayer "Tomy Tracker" external repl
MASMPegDevice.lha    mus/play   129K+CBM compat. device for MAS MP3 Player
kns_Enak5.jpg        pix/trace  130K+Ray-traced '99 picture by KoNuS.
kns_RedPack.jpg      pix/trace   87K+Ray-traced '98 picture by KoNuS.
kns_TB1.jpg          pix/trace   98K+Ray-traced '99 picture by KoNuS.
kns_TwistOFF.jpg     pix/trace  162K+Ray-traced picture by KoNuS.
kns_WPZ1.jpg         pix/trace  242K+Ray-traced '97 picture by KoNuS.
kns_WPZ_LoGo.jpg     pix/trace   55K+Ray-traced '97 picture by KoNuS.
PanosNewIconWB.lha   pix/wb     304K+Snapshots of my Workbench
voodoo_MB42.jpg      pix/wb     211K+Grab of my WB under Voodoo3
MiraWizARC11a.lha    util/arc   166K+NEW GUI for LHA-LZX-ZIP-TAR-GZIP-DMS
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  375K+Report+ 4.5: Multipurpose utility
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 254K+VirusExecutor v2.13
classaction.lha      util/wb    226K+AmigaOS multipurpose filemanager
MemoryRemV1-15.lha   util/wb     79K+Clock-Replace, shows actual RAM & Larges
WB2000_NO.lha        util/wb     14K+Norwegian catalog for Workbench2000 1.9
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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