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Olaf Koebnik via E-Mail

Amiga Arena: Image/Visuell Engineer at Special Price
Image/Visuell Engineer CD-ROM Special Price Project
In cooperation with Fun Time World and Marco Seppaenen the Amiga Arena is able to offer 'Image Engineer/Visuell Engineer as CD-ROM Edition' at a special price. Image Engineer is supposed to be the most popular image editing software. It offers a variety of possibilities for image editing. Please visit the Image Engineer homepage for more information. To enable this special edition Marko Seppaenen recommends at least 30 orders!

The Image Engineer CD-ROM is being created by Fun Time World exclusively and will include all of the additional programs as like as Visuell Engineer, Arexx scripts, manuals, homepage, tutorials, and much more! The CD-ROM Edition special price of 49,- DM would be possible for two month.

If you would like to purchase this CD-ROM, please fill in the binding pre-order on this page: Image Engineer Bestellung.

Image Engineer - Mail: Marko Seppaenen
Amiga Arena - Mail: Olaf Koebnik
Fun Time World - Mail: Sebastian Brylka
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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