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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
FLeagues_BB2.lha     biz/dbase  117K+Football Database For 50 Leagues (1.5.6)
Even_more_ksm.lha    comm/irc     7K+5 more ksm filesfor kuang ksmaster say
nc_update_beta.lha   comm/news  150K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
newscoaster_b.lha    comm/news  372K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
newscoaster_be.lha   comm/news  372K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
TaskiSMS.lha         comm/tcp   421K+Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
TaskiSMS_GR.lha      comm/tcp    13K+Greek documentation for TaskiSMS v 2.5
TaskiSMS_PL.lha      comm/tcp   216K+Polish catalog & documentation for Taski
Lynx.lha             comm/www   968K+Great WWW Browser,v284dev20 with SSL
MassDL.lha           comm/www    39K+Less work on WWW pages file leching. (AW
rno-lhti.lha         demo/slide 3.2M+RNO: "Goes Lahti" a RNO&DCS Meeting part
JMildred_ScrMd.lha   dev/basic  147K+How to use Mildred+BBasic with AGA/RTG
GetCRC.lha           dev/c       23K+V1.15 calculates different checksums
COP.lha              dev/debug  159K+Low Level Debugger
MuForce.lha          dev/debug  270K+The V40 Enforcer, detects illegal RAM ac
MuGuardianAngl.lha   dev/debug  292K+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
MuLink.lha           dev/misc   120K+Memory protect selected hunks of binarie
MuScan.lha           dev/misc   117K+Print the MMU tree layout.
vahunz.lha           dev/misc   304K+Make source code un-/more legible.
AmigaFuture30.lha    docs/mags  601K+Great german paper mag preview
MuManual.lha         docs/misc  787K+Tutorial, examples, includes, (auto)docs
kamband.lha          game/role  949K+Kamband 2.0 - Roguelike solo RPG
VideoEasel.lha       gfx/misc   611K+THE flexible Cellular Automata (LIFE...)
MuEVD.lha            misc/emu   127K+MuLib driven ShSh driver for ECS,AGA,P96
Nostalgia.lha        misc/emu   288K+THE Multi-Emulation system (2.0a)
NallePUH.lha         mus/misc   161K+Redirects any (hw-banging) sound program
MathVision.lha       pix/back   658K+24Bits Backgrounds for your WB made with
BTopaz.lha           text/bfont  24K+Bulgarian Cyrillic Topaz font + Keymap (
ltdic_engesp.lha     text/misc  232K+English-Spanish dictionary for LangTools
ltdic_enghun.lha     text/misc  2.6M+English-Hungarian dictionary for LangToo
ltdic_gerhun.lha     text/misc  516K+German-Hungarian dictionary for LangTool
ltdic_huneng.lha     text/misc  3.1M+Hungarian-English dictionary for LangToo
adfzip.lha           util/arc     1K+ADF file compression utility
MiraWizARC11b.lha    util/arc   166K+NEW GUI for LHA-LZX-ZIP-TAR-GZIP-DMS
MuFastChip.lha       util/boot  116K+Chip memory cache mode fine tuning tool
MuFastRom.lha        util/boot  116K+MuLib conformal ROM to RAM remapper
MuFastZero.lha       util/boot  132K+MuLib Zero Page remapper, FastExec/Prepa
MuLockLib.lha        util/boot  110K+Lock the mmu.library in memory on startu
MuOmniSCSIPtch.lha   util/boot  114K+Make the omniscsi.device MMULib aware
MuProtectModul.lha   util/boot  115K+MuLib ROM Modules Write Protection
MuSetCacheMode.lha   util/boot  119K+MMU tree adjustment tool for experts
PatchRAM.lha         util/boot   19K+Patch Os 3.9 RAM-Handler to show right s
WinToFront18.lha     util/cdity  62K+Replaces ClickToFront, with more options
SimpleSplitter.lha   util/cli    49K+Easy file split/join v1.0 (Ami,PC,Linux)
xlhtml.lha           util/conv  167K+Convert Excel/PowerPoint files to HTML, 
DisLib.lha           util/libs   17K+A library based MC68K disassembler
MMULib.lha           util/libs  527K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
MuMin.lha            util/libs   54K+Minimal MuLib archive for redistribution
Utilities.lha        util/libs   20K+Handle strings and numbers V1.1
beer2001.lha         util/misc  137K+Calculates the cheapest alcohol drink fr
SnoopDos.lha         util/moni  133K+SnoopDos 3.7, the well known system moni
SnoopDos_Src.lha     util/moni  256K+SnoopDos 3.7 sources
FastIEEE.lha         util/sys   143K+Speed up your mathieee libraries!
Mu680x0Libs.lha      util/sys   327K+MuLib aware 68060, 68040, 68030 and 6803
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 261K+VirusExecutor v2.15
ccskins.lha          util/wb    148K+6 Skins for CoolCALC
classaction.lha      util/wb    228K+AmigaOS multipurpose filemanager
Help.lha             util/wb     77K+V45.1, AmigaDOS System Help Command
JotNote.lha          util/wb    178K+Simple no-nonsense sticky notes!
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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