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30.May 2001
Stefan Martens (ANF)

Online game: Official HBMonopoly game led by #AmigaFun
After a long time IRC-channel #AmigaFun on organizes an official HBMonopoly game again. The programmer of HBMonopoly will be present, too. You need HBMonopoly 2.5.

On #AmigaFun channel the servers are called which have to be preferenced in HBMonopoly. Important: You must know how HBMonopoly works. We only explain what you have to do to log in.

We guess that you have played at least one or two times against the computer. In future we will more often lead a HBMonopoly game. There will be an intern #AmigaFun highscore list which you can admire on #AmigaFun homepage. It will contain the top-5 of all HBMonopoly games which we will organize in future.

It might be possible that there will be a surprising for the best player after some games. The first HBMonopoly game will start on Saturday 2nd of June 2001 at 6 p.m. Please note that Monopoly may last a few hours. Therefore a full version of TCP-client (Miami, Genesis) would be advisable.

You can find our #AmigaFun channel in the following way:
You need am IRC-client; for Amiga there are AmIRC (shareware), BlackIRC (freeware) und EpicIRC (freeware). On our homepage you can find links for download. You have to type the following lines:
Port: 6667
Channel: #amigafun

In case of breaking down of the server you can access over the following server: (Please type without "irc."). You can find more information on the homepage of #AmigaFun. You can choose between German and English. (ps)

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