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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: full version of the system manager (update)
With permission of Frederic Laboureur the Amiga Arena makes possible the full version of 'The Boss'.

'The Boss' is a system manager enabling programs and application to be started by simply pressing a button. No annoying and memory consuming icons, menus or docks are used for launching. A simple button is enough to start a program.

'The Boss' is very easy to operate, flexible, compact, system friendly, and recource considering, and moreover runs on any screen possible (Workbench, public or even it's own one). This tool addresses anybody who finds tools like Toolmanager or ToolsDeamon to be too inflated.

  • Completely configurable. No additional tools needed.
  • Font sensitive GUI. Chooseable font for both, screen and buttons.
  • Full OCS / ECS / AGA support. Chooseable screen mode.
  • All functions on one single screen. No menus, icons or docks.
  • No seperate interface like MUI or ClassAct needed.
  • asynchronous multitasking and extreme system friendly.
  • 16 colour WB-palette to determine the tool's colours.
  • Efficient use of memory - only a few memory is required.
  • Chooseable types for buttons, drawers, scripts, and executable files.
  • Unlimited number of buttons possible, whichever how much you need.
  • Small, optimized and fast code makes it all system friendly.
  • Very easy to use and configure.
  • Drag & Drop support.

As always the Amiga Arena is looking for users wanting to translate or write reviews or manuals. sd

Supplement 06 June 2001: Amiga Arena - The Boss Update!
Since some users have had problems with the keyfile Frederic Laboureu reworked the program file. All users having problems regarding the keyfile, please reload the archive. Special thank to Harald N. for reporting and to Frederic L. for the quick update. (ps)

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