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Czech Amiga News

DTP: AmigaWriter Filter V1.1 for PageStream
AmigaWriter-Filter is a new import filter for Soft-Logik's DTP program PageStream. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see a screenshot of what it can do!

It consists of two parts:

The text filter inserts the main flow-text of your AmigaWriter documents into the current PageStream article with most of its text formattings. The document filter loads your AmigaWriter documents as if they were native PageStream documents, retaining as much of your original document as possible.


AmigaWriter-Filter was designed to
  • print AmigaWriter documents to PostScript
  • export AmigaWriter documents to PDF
  • use AmigaWriter as a WYSIWYG replacement for PageLiner
  • ... and anything else you can think of :-))
The filter comes with the usual options you would expect from a PageStream import filter: it performs typographical conversions for quotes, dashes and ellipses. In addition, it allows you to choose the quote format (available are US, French, German and German-French). The text filter has another option called Apply Styles Only which can be a great help to achieve consistent layout, especially when several authors are working on one text.

Download: AW-Filter11.lha (55K) (sd)

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