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WHDLoad Support Page (ANF)

Installation: WHDLoad Version 14.3
Release of version 14.3 of WHDLoad, a harddisc-install-package. WHDLoad lets you install many floppy based games onto the harddisc.

  • fix: without PreLoad/S LoadFileOffset/DiskLoad returning error (Philippe)
  • fix: LoadFileOffset/DiskLoad was returning wrong result on failure and WHDLF_NoError wasn't set (Jeff)
  • fix: now resload_Load functions can load files larger than 2.091.108 bytes (MrLarmer)
  • new: option NoFlushMem/S added to avoid memory flush at WHDLoad startup
  • fix: TDREASON_OSEMUFAIL works again (Jeff)
  • fix: bug in resload_Relocate removed (MrLarmer)
Download: WHDLoad_usr.lha - 137 kB (ps)

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