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Thomas Wenzel (ANF)

Hardwaretip: Volume-Control with multimedia keyboard
Thomas Wenzel describes how to use a multimedia keyboard for volume control:

Control the master volume of your Amiga/Prelude soundsystem with the special keys of a multimedia keyboard:).A normal PC-Multimedia keyboard, Guido Mersmanns MMKeyboard Interface and my new mixing commodity for the Prelude make it possible.

That's how it works:

In combination with the delivered "driver" commodity MMKeyboard Interface is able to control the special keys of the multimedia keyboard and configure them with free choosable functions. For audio purposes many keyboards have "Volume +", "Volume -", and "Mute"-keys for this special functions. The new Prelude mixer has now an AREXX port that understands VOLUP, VOLDOWN, and MUTE. With the Prelude you are still able to use the Amiga soundsignal (PAULA) and now control its volume, too, with the keyboard.

PrlMixer.lha (ps)

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