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Ralph Torchia (ANF)

Palm desktop for Amiga: SpitfireČ version 1.6
SpitfireČ is a Palm-desktop for AmigaOS. The software enables a connection to the Palm-computer of 3Com and compatible ones. It offers among other things hotsync-functions between Amiga and Palm.

Changes to the current version 1.6:
  • Fixing of bugs
  • Ability to convert text files to Palm DOC via Install app added (requires docdatatypes)
  • New System Backup app
  • New 8n1nodsr.device compiled
All features of the program has listed on the homepage. Additional to the main archive there are ClockSync plugin (V1.2) and YAMSync plugin (beta 2) for registered users for download.

Download: Spitfire2.lha - 818 kB (ps)

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