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Czech Amiga News

Filesystem: Smart Filesystem V1.187
On 08. June 2001 Jörg Strohmayer has released version 1.187 of Smart Filesystem. The following has changed since the previous version:
  • Bugfix: Mounting from RDB did not work in v1.186.
  • Changed: AmigaOS: SCSI_DIRECT support was removed.
  • Changed: Some unused parts of the code were disabled (deviceio/asynctransfer).
  • Changed: AmigaOS: Device check with the TD_GETGEOMETRY command, which did not work, was removed. If needed, NSDPatch.cfg should be used for this instead.
This version should be used carefully. Bug reports and confirmation of that it works might be sent to Jörg Strohmayer.

Download: SFS.lha (34K) (sd)

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