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OS-Layer: TEKlib V0.32
On 09. June 2001 Timm Mueller and Daniel Adler have released

The 'TEKlib' offers basic OS functions and by this facilitates platform comprehensive programming. For now 'TEKlib' is available for AmigaOS 3.x, Linux/32bit, MorphOS, and TAO Elate/AmigaSDK 1.01. It contains functions for the following sections:
  • memory management
  • timer
  • mutexes
  • events
  • threads
  • internal process communication (message-IPC)
  • network (Internet)
The Amiga version requires AmigaOS 3.x, bsdsocket.library v4, guigfx.library, and render.library (optional). The latter two are available for download on

The documentation including examples, system requirements, and binaries for other systems, as well as the source code (license: BSD-Stil) are to find on the homepage.

Download: dev/misc/teklib0.32.lha (291K), Readme (sd)

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