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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: VHT-DK Bobek-2 Linkvirus found (update)
Supplement 13 June 2001
Accidently the wrong text for this news message was published. I replaced that with the correct text, now. I apologize for this bad mistake. mj

Here the proper message:

VHT-DK think to have found the installer of the link virus 'Bobek2'. The respective archive was on Aminet, but meantime has been removed. But there might be other infected archives, so be careful!

Known so far:

Archive name : Footro.lha
Archive size: 2.924 bytes
Archive info : Borntro from new A500 team Footro is looking for skilled A500 coders.
Installer name : 4k
Installer size : 2.784 bytes (stonecracker 4.04 packed)
Installer size : 3.316 bytes (unpackt)
Virusname : Bobek2 Linkvirus
Virus size : ca. 1036 bytes (uses polymorphic engine)

In the unpacked file you can read:
>------------------------------ CUT TEXT ------------------------------
xxxxxxxxxxx proudly presents BOBEK2 - The first binary virus for Amiga!
Credits - main coding by xxxxxxxx, polyengine by xxxxxx, installer-tool
and timer.device coding by xxxxxx! We are the best! Powered by Asm-One!
Enjoy! That is only preview of our metamorphic engine!
>------------------------------ CUT TEXT ------------------------------

Virus Help Denmark replaced the names with 'xxxx'. Thy don't want to promote virus programmers. "They should make use of there programming skills and make some useful programs", Jan Andersen wrote in his mail.

Since the file could not be started the people of VHT-DK tried an old A500 on which the virus was spread to other files.

At this time there is no cure for the virus 'Bobek2', but Jan Erik Olausen is working for a way to make a recognition for the 'Bobek2' linkvirus. (mj)

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