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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library V33.25
The xvs.library (External Virus Support Library) has been updated today. Alex van Niel has decided to stop programming the xvs.package but will still update VirusChecker when he has the time. Alex got a new job that takes almost all his time. At this time I got very cold feet... Where would we find a new programmer that know something about viruses ? Or even worth, should we stop "Virus Help Denmark", without programmers to make antivirus programs, where would we be ??? And where would YOU BE ???????

So we went out looking for a new programmer to update the xvs.library. And with Georg Hoermann's approval we offered the code to a great guy, Jan Erik Olausen (The programmer of VirusExecutor), and he said YES :-)

PLEASE..... read the PS at the bottom of this email......

So, Jan has been rather busy in the last 4 weeks with adding new viruses and looking at the code for xvs. And now his first release is ready.

Here is some info about the release:

Name : xvs.library v33.25
Archive name : xvslibrary.lha
Archive size : 54.743 bytes
Release date : 10 June 2001
Programmer : Jan Erik Olausen
Email :

News for 33.25:
  • Added Zakahackandpatch File virus Thanks to Jan Andersen for the files.
  • Added Bobek! Link virus Thanks to Jan Andersen, Frank and Zeeball for the files.
  • Added Bastard Installer 1 Data virus, Bastard Installer 2 File virus, Bastard Link virus. Thanks Jan Andersen and Zeeball for the files. Thanks to Zeeball for the info on this virus and for the decrypt and memory removal routines.
  • Added 212 Bytes Link virus Thanks to Jan Andersen for the file.
  • Fixed bug in recognition code for DKG-Blum file virus. Thanks to Jan Andersen for reporting this.
  • Added Bobek2 Installer File virus Thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for telling me about this file.
The library has changed programmer, although Georg does keep all copyrights and remains owner of the sources, I (Jan Erik Olausen) will continue development. See the README file for my contact address.

Thanks to Georg Hörmann and Dirk Stoecker for helping me out with fixing bugs in the source. I couldn't have done this without there help :o)

Download shortcut.

  • Add Bobek2 Link virus.
  • Add Neurotic Death 1 - 5. These five linkviruses are polymorphic, but crash on my system if I try to infect some test files. It seems that they haven't been spread to the public, I received them anonymously from the author. So it's not that BIG danger at the moment.
  • Try to get and add GlobVec linkvirus. The only one who has it is Heiner Schneegold (author of VT-Schutz) and VTC Hamburg, but Heiner doesn't give his permission to the VTC to send me the virus :(

Remember to join the Amiga antivirus maillist for free. Just send an empty email to:

To leave the maillist, just send an empty email to:

You can find this update at Virus Help Denmark & Virus Help Team Canada now, and on Aminet within the next 24 hours.....

PS: If you think that Jan Erik Olausen is doing one hell of a job, with keeping you Amiga secure for viruses, then send him a little donation. I know that xvs.library and VirusExecutor is freeware, but Jan has done one hell of a job in the last 6 month, to add new virus recog. in VirusExecutor and now with xvs.library. Send him 4 or 5 US-$, a postcard and even flowers, if you think he is doing a great job, and would like to keep the xvs.library alive...... (ps)

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