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Amipress ML

AMIGA celebrates First SDK anniversary with special offer (Executive Update)

Greetings to members of the Amiga Family:

Wow, what a year it has been!

In the coming weeks we are going to see the releases of not one but three new Amiga Products!:
  1. AmigaOne PPC /1200 - On Schedule and Rockin'
  2. AmigaOS 4.0, and shortly thereafter AmigaOS 4.2 on schedule and will offer the next generation of Amiga desktop - on PPC!
  3. AmigaDE 1.1 so the rest of the world may begin to learn the power of Amiga - For Cell Phones, PDA's, and other portable devices.
Because of overwhelming e-mails and suggestions, Amiga Incorporated is pleased to announce the AmigaOne, AmigaOS 4.0, 4.2, and AmigaDE pre-release party pack!

Here is how you can participate with this party pack.

Starting June 11th and ending June 16th 2001 Amiga family members can purchase a pre-release version of AmigaDE for $99.00 (US plus tax and handling), you will receive one year of updates, the SDK, a bundle of sample applications and games, and the ability to start using DE on Windows or Linux desk tops.

Next you can pick from either a $100.00 (US) discount coupon on an AmigaOne PPC/1200 for use at your local dealer, or you can receive BOTH AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaOS 4.2 for FREE!

That's right, for one week only purchase the pre-release of AmigaDE, get the SDK, and all the trimmings and select either a $100.00 (US) discount on a new AmigaONE, OR AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaOS 4.2 for FREE.

It's your choice, and it is available today at: AmigaMall

Bill McEwen (ps)

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