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Thorsten Willert

News from Thorsten Willert
First you can get a fix of his HTML preprocessor extension in the GoldED WebWorld menu, that you can use together with "CompressHTML".

Second he is looking for a new name for "CompressHTML", because the old name does not fit anymore with the new functions.

Third the following of his AREXX programs are now public domain:
  • Auto-Font-List
  • FWTabTools
  • FileInfo
  • GH_Browser
  • MakeSuffix

    Because of lack of time Thorsten Willert can not develop them any further. If you want to continue the development of these projects, he will give you a helping hand to start.
Who wants to continue the AmigaOSGuide? It is an Amiga DOS manual, with dictionary. State: OS 3.1. If you are interested, send an email to Thorsten Willert. (ps)

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