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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena news
Amiga Arena full versions
With permission of Stefan Berge Amiga Arena publishes the full version of "FileCutter". "FileCutter" enables you to divide files of any size into as many pieces as you like.
Because of that it is possible to transport a 4 MB big file which you cannot archive to spread on 5 disks (720 kb).
In the newest version it works with files which were divided by NortonCommander on a PC. A great thanks to Andreas Magerl who placed the full version at your disposal.

Amiga Arena pre-release
The popular Workbench-game "ArTKanoid" (breakout clone) of Thilo Köhler is exclusively online in version 1.2 right before Aminet.

Amiga Arena updates
"Blade" which is an action-RPG-game of Mark Sheeky is ready for download in the harddrive-version. Exclusively in the German version.

Amiga Arena - "The Boss": German catalog
The German locale for "The Boss" was created by Richard Kapp and is in the archive.

Amiga Arena special price action
In co-operation with Nemeth Miklos Amiga Arena makes a special price for "LangTools" possible. With "LangTools" you can translate texts. You can easily load a text and simultaneously translate the text with an editor.
You can choose between several languages and more will follow. "LangTools" is already in development and author Nemeth is looking forward to your feedback.

Amiga Arena interview action
At the same time an interview with Nemeth Miklos which is the developer of "LangTools" went online. (ps)

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