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BTTR-Team (E-Mail)

Back to the Roots: Download Hours Fixed
BTTR downloads now disabled 2/3 of each day!

Our archive files will only be available for download from 06:10 to 13:10 GMT (may vary), but they should work at full speed then. We are not happy about this, but unless we find some sponsors, we have to prevent our archive from being closed down by this action. If we find we can extend the times outward more, we will.

The entire content of the site (except all downloads, full-size pictures and the mod player) will continue to work the entire day. The same applies to the Aminet downloads, as they are not stored on these servers.

If you are willing to help us by either donating money to pay parts of our traffic, by purchasing targeted advertising at our site or by providing us a fast dedicated *nix server somewhere else, please contact

Several thousand people visit this site each day, and create the enormous traffic together. Some download more, some download less. It would be nice if a few of you could also help us to keep this monster comfortable for people of all time zones.

Many of you have surely noticed that most of the gaming archive sites were closed down recently. These sites all paid their traffic by advertising. So did we. However, this does not work for archive sites anymore, since advertising prices dropped horribly worldwide.

We have several ideas in the queue to find an income to finance this site for your convenience. Just none which will work fast enough. So please also contact us if you want to provide temporary help.

To all companies who have licensed games to be offered at our site for free: BTTR will continue to be a non profit project, and we did never earn a single pence with it, and we will continue to do so. (ps)

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