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René Thol (ANF)

(New) informations on GREX 4000 and MicroServer
René Thol has received some interesting informations from DCE on the G-Rex 4000 board and summarizes:
  1. the GREX 4000 is ready, they're waiting only for the boards from the manufacturer.
  2. the GREX 4000 replaces the the daughterboard (ISA-, ZIII- and videoslots) on the motherboard and is connected with the port for the CVPPC on the Cyberstorm board.
  3. the TV board drivers for the GREX are still in the works and are thus no longer mentioned in the GREX advertising since only finished drivers are advertised there.
  4. AGP extensions are not planned. The AGP slots of the AmigaOne will also work only through PCI with the resulting speed.
  5. The planned DCE Microserver will be plugged later in one of the PCI slots and features two SDRAM slots with 133 MHz bus speed. It can be used as busmaster and has access to the entire Amiga hardware. Sadly, a Cyberstorm board already working in the Amiga has still to be used and its processors can not access the SDRAM (buswidth through PCI too narrow). Because of a CPU socket, more current CPUs than the G3/G4 can be used later. Existing PPC applications won't run immediately on the new CPUs (due to addressing and such) but have to be be adapted through (minor) changes in the sourcecode and a special library.

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