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Amiga Extreme

Warp3D: Voodoo Driver Status
Amiga Extreme has published an e-mail by Thomas Frieden (Hyperion) in which he reports the current status of the Voodoo driver for Warp3D.

The Warp3D team converted almost everything relating the use of the FIFO command. As the team was suggested the frame-rate now majorly is independent from the resolution. The speed at 800x600 is exactly the same as at 320x200.

Heretic 2 is still playable at 1024x768, but the Voodoo card starts to slow down from this resolution.

Moreover the Voodoo version looks much better than the Permedia version. (Screenshots (left: Permedia2, right: Voodoo)).

At this time it seems like the Prometheus version of the driver would be finished first. This might happen next week already. The G-REX and hopefully the Mediator version, too, will follow soon after.

The Prometheus driver will be the first because of the G-REX prototype had a little problem preventing FIFO from working. So, development was done on the Prometheus board.

Development of Warp3D now is done using the new gcc basing StormC 4 which creates fine code, already. Additionally it enables the use of Inline assembler. By some PPC assembler optimizations the Warp3D team now can almost fill up the bus with data to almost reach the maximum performance.

Supplement 17 June 2001:
Ben Yoris (Hyperion) wrote on ANN that Hyperion will do a presentation of their own games on the Prometheus PCI board with a Voodoo3 plugged in on the Benelux Amiga Show, which will take place on June 23rd, 2001. (sd)

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