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Marvin Droogsma (E-Mail)

Event: iBox at Benelux Amiga Show (update)
Beside the already reported VIP's and highlights the new IBOX will be presented.


The IBOX is some kind of special tower containing beside the normal PC-hardware an Amiga-mainboard, a modem, and some additional hardware. The PC is able to control and update Amiga-software like Scala/Mediapoint by using a special software. The IBOX is doing what the Amiga does best: loop playback. By using the PC-software everyone can use every possibility offered in the digitalmarket like webcams and digitalcameras.

This concept is currently used by many customers for example for sportbars and tourist information centers. The concept includes the possibility of updating hundrets of these boxes by pressing one button. Even a cellphone with wap-capabilities is able to start this process. A good example for the co-operation of Amiga and PC.

The concept and the IBOX were developed by and

Error correction, 19 June 2001:
I misunderstood one item of Marvin's description of the iBox (Info-Box). Contrary to what is described there is no PC hardware used in the box. It rather is fact that the customers create the info pages on common PC machines and then those pages will be translated to Amiga language by a 'translator' which makes it possible to use Amiga hardware in the box.

A text can be sent to the Amiga using a cell phone which then will be displayed as desired due to the background, logo, and animation preset. (ps)

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