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3ivx news
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 21:48:11 +0200
From: Francis Ennekens

Subject: PR: Happy Machines grants 3ivx resellerships to companiesworldwide

For immediate release:
Happy Machines grants 3ivx resellerships to companies worldwide

June 18, 2001- Happy Machines n.v., a leading video technology 
company specializing in providing the highest-quality video on CD's, 
DVD's and electronic business cards, announced today that ICCIP, a 
Dutch company, will be reselling the 3ivx codec in combination with 
its products.

This deal will allow ICCIP to prove the viability of high quality 
video bundled with CD's, DVD's and electronic business card 
duplicating products and services.

"We are excited to be working with ICCIP and to be expanding our 
market share in the CD industry" said Dirk Laureyssens, Happy 
Machines CEO. "We look forward to making video on CD's available in 

"ICCIP continues to ally itself with the best technology in the 
business," said John Besseling, ICCIP CEO. "By offering the 3ivx 
codec together with our products, we guarantee the finest video CD 
products available on the market today."

ICCIP will begin selling the 3ivx products, their patented electronic 
business cards, long life CD's and labelling kit starting today. They 
will also provide customized CD/DVD duplication and labeling robots.

Happy Machines is able to reach unparalleled levels of quality by 
combining the MPEG-4v3 specifications with its unique proprietary 
algorithms. 3ivx provides a more efficient storage use on CD's in the 
areas of business, education and video entertainment. In order to 
ensure optimum viewing experience, Happy Machines' video engineers 
created an auto-installer that runs automatically on Windows or 
Macintosh PC's when you insert a 3ivx CD and installs the 3ivx codec 
as appropriate.

About Happy Machines n.v.
Happy Machines n.v. is a Belgian company that represents a creative 
team and a large international network of inventors, software and 
hardware developers, designers in various fields such as imaging, 
satellite communications, artificial intelligence, machinery etc., 
which has contacts with top-manufacturers worldwide. The company is 
also a member of the MPEG-group and is an Inmarsat partner. It is 
orientated on project development and related intellectual 
properties. Headquartered in Antwerp Happy Machines may be reached at 
Grote Steenweg 408/19, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium, telephone +32-3-2816858 
or Investor inquiries should be sent to More information is available at

ICCIP is founded specially to present and sell products related to 
data marketing and technology. The company offers unique patent 
protected products and marketing solutions and is specialized in 
digital content, high-end mass storage of data and the distribution 
of data. ICCIP is determined to work right now with technology coming 
available tomorrow. More information is available at

Contact info:
Francis Ennekens

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