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Directory Opus 4 Research Project

Filemanager: DirOpus V4.15m beta
Jacek Rzeuski has published betaversion 4.15m of the filemanager 'DirOpus'. The update contains some improvements which are listed in the History.

This betaversion only contains the files which has changed compared with 'Directory Opus V4.15'. You can find this version and the corresponding source code on the download-site.

DirOpus is a filemanager programmed by Jonathan Potter and Greg Perry of GP Software. The DirOpus version for Windows is already available in version 6.

In 1999 the source code of version 4 was released under GNU Public License-conditions. Jacek Rzeuski then started to rework and improve the program.

Download: DOpus415mbeta.lzx - 472 kB

Alternative download: DOpus415mbeta.lzx (ps)

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