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Marvin Droogsma (E-Mail)

Event: Benelux Amiga Show News
Only two days left until the Benelux Amiga Show in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but still new and interesting details are arriving:

A Dutch radio station announced to create an Amiga special on the Show.

VPRO-TV - Amiga Special
The editor board of the TV station VPRO-TV took the task to create an Amiga special. To make that reality they even will travel to the U.S.A. and also the European users shall be reviewed. In cooperation with the Dutch print magazine AmigaScene it will be discussed what is to report about AMIGA on the Benelux Amiga Show, and first shots will be taken.

Matay will attend, too.
The Polish hardware developer Matay, at this time well known by the PCI board ´Prometheus´, shortly decided to attend the show and they sure will have some boards with them. (ps)

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