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Martin Merz (ANF)

Icons: MI News - QuadraMI 4 and new archive available
QuadraMI 4 is available for download.

A new image archive by the name of QuadraMI 4 is available on Mason.Home and Aminet. QuadraMI 4 is an extended collection of icons for toolbars and start menus for applications like Workbench 2000, Toolmanager, Directory Opus Magellan, and many more. The images are of IFF format and available as ColorIcons. Those were created in the popular GlowIcons design with a standard colour depth of 32 and a basic size of 24x24 pixles, but without the glow effect.

Other projects.

Some new and reworked archives are available for download in addition:
  • CManMI - new toolbar for CManager by VaporWare
  • IBrowseMI - navigation bar for IBrowse with additional images by Kristóph Gruber
  • mFTPMI - AppMI basing toolbar set for mFTP-II
  • NRogMI - image set for NewsRog with GlowIcons design
Please, visit the "Projects" page of Mason.Home for more information. (ps)

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