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Ray A. Akey (e-mail)

AMIGA Inc.: News from CEO Bill McEwen (Executive Update)
Greetings To The Amiga Family:

There have been some recent mis-representations that I have recently received about Amiga, Inc., and our office locations. Amiga is doing very well, and we are excited about the future of Amiga. The Amiga Family continues to grow with new partners, new products, and the very near release of AmigaDE 1.0.

However with all of this activity there have been some out there who have recently sent out false information about Amiga, and I need to clarify this now.

Amiga Incorporated is headquartered in Snoqualmie, Washington USA.

Amiga Deutschland is still in business. We have only closed the Langen office. There are going to be some new additions, and a new office location announced in the next couple of weeks, but know now that Amiga International was a Gateway company, and was not and has not been associated with Amiga, Inc. since 1999. The dealer in Germany that is making claims that they are Amiga International is completely false, and Amiga Incorporated the parent company of Amiga Deutschland is going to take legal action against those who make these false claims.

There is another dealer in India who has started claiming that they are Amiga in India. This again is also false. Amiga does NOT have any official representation in India outside of the Amiga dealers who are there. Amiga Incorporated is currently evaluating an office in India, and other countries where we do business.

To those of you who continue to try and tear Amiga apart, it is time to stop. Amiga is moving forward, there are great things ahead, and for the first time in many years, the Amiga family will have new products, and choices.

I look forward to a great year.

Kindest regards,

Bill McEwen (ps)

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