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Timo Kloss

Inutilis: Moonlight-CD
Timo Kloss wrote:
A short announcement first: the short filmlets video was finished now, too.

The Moonlight-CD is available from now on. Since there is no official distribution path, it only is available directly from Inutilis. Order from the online shop, per post or phone.

If somebody knows about some possibilities for distribution or sale (or even can offer such), please tell me about. On the Moonlight website among other things the original CD cover is online, now.

Great parts of this CD were created using an Amiga and Camouflage. The printed matters also were designed using ArtEffect.

Price: 18 DM (directly from Inutilis)
Time: ca. 73 minutes
10 songs + 5 spacers or intros
Description: Mostly silent, experimental, electronic music in "moonlight" mood, so to speak.

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