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Amiga Future

AmiSectorOne: New members, games, demos, and covers
Probably you remember my news posting of 12 June which was called "New staff members are required". Finally I have made my choice and here are the new team members (sorted by the time they joined):
  • Marcos Alves from Portugal
  • Keith Michaels from the USA
  • Tony Whent from Australia
  • Holger Herrmann from Germany
The new team members will be responsible for different parts here on AMI Sector One. Also I am just working with a kind contributor called Gustavo to improve our scripts. Some other projects are in preparation too... More about this in the next weeks. You can read some notes about the new members in the staff section.

Now the games update:
Patricia Curtis (formerly project manager and assistant programmer at Apache Software) as well as Mark Page (formerly programmer at Apache Software) allowed us to upload the Amiga game Super Methane Bros. (a game similar to Bubble Bobble, but with better graphics and sounds). You can download different versions of this game: There is a CD32-HD version (does not run on emulators) and an ADF version. Like so often I would like to stress that this game is NOT freeware. P. Curtis and M. Page are still the copyright owners and they granted a permission which is ONLY valid for this site.

Btw: I am looking for the game "Murder makes strange Deadfollows CDTV" by Tiger Media. Is there somebody of you who has it? Please get in contact with me (Bernd)...

And here are the high quality Public Domain games of this update:
  • Jouster 3 (the arcade classic Joust for the Amiga)
  • Kamakazi Killers (good Galaga game)
  • Rattlesnake (street fighting game)

New AGA demos are:
  • Repugnance
  • Roswell
  • Response
  • Tear down the Wall
  • Some Justice
Also a disk with the results of the Amega Party - Gfx Competiton was uploaded.

Here are some new cover- and box scans:
  • A320 Airbus (the game itself will soon be available here)
  • Big 6- Dizzy Collection CD32
  • Case of the Cautious Condor CDTV
  • Chinese Karate
  • Euro Soccer '88
  • Fallen Angel
  • Hard Drivin'
And here is a last minute update:

You can now download ALL 18 LSD Sprint Docs Disks (Sprint Docs provide cheats, solutions, freezer addresses etc). Of course every Sprint Disk has got its own HTML and screenshots. Thanks to the new member Marcos who made it possible. I hope you enjoyed this update. In the future the updates will be bigger since the staff has grown. Also you can expect more updates during the week. (sd)

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