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Thomas Unger (E-Mail)

The Kickstart Archives is a collection of actual and dead AMIGA related websites and more on CD. A list of the contained material you will find here.

Updates since the last issue:
  • Updated: LexSite from Alex Luptak (updated May, 3rd 2001), peripherie section
  • Added: The Art of James D. Sachs by himself and Jeff Palmer in the specials section Jim Sachs had drawn for example as Art Director for the game "Defender Of The Crown" and was responsible for the GUI of the Commodore CDTV.
  • Added: AS WE MAY THINK from Vannavar Bush in the hstory - Amiga patents section In this 1945 published article V. Bush mentiones may things that are realized decades later (Internet, GUI, ...) and that takes influence on the design of the workbench.
  • Added: reedBench - A Workbench emulation by Jaakko "Reed" Kaitaniemi in the specials section. A reproduction of booting with Kickstart/OS 1.3 and 3.1 (needs JavaScript)
  • Reworked: Index page for better Overview and navigation.
The changes since last update are marked. No Amiga browser is able to interprete the JavaScript file to generate the linklist.

You can get THE KICKSTART ARCHIVES for a special price of DM 18,- or US-$ 10,- (incl. p&p) till July, 31st 2001. (ps)

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